Stop the Presses! Mobile Apps Save the News

30 09 2009

Here in the States,  we’re witnessing radical transformation of our newspaper industry.

So far the news has been bleak with hundreds of papers closing across the nation.  Major publishers are in Chapter 11 and newspaper staff are being laid off or having their salaries slashed.

However this week some welcome perspective on this story.  Newspapers are seeing mobile as a platform for survival and rebuilding their readership.  They are not just repurposing web pages for mobile but going much further and developing smartphone apps. The pay-off is impressive with 44 percent saying mobile is increasing web visits by 10 percent.

There are some challenges ahead if we are going to see mobile generating 25 percent increases as forecasted. One is paid content and the other is development across multiple platforms and operating systems.  The former is key because publishers desperately need revenue whilst the latter is vital if mobile is going to be a mass market rather than a niche platform.




2 responses

16 10 2009

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

21 10 2009

Hi Polpra – please feel free to quote my blog and thanks for the link back.

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