SEE ’09: The World of Symbian

29 10 2009

With my previous post talking about Gartner’s prediction that Symbian will continue to dominate the OS market for the foreseeable future, I was extremely interested to hear the views of our UK team who were exhibiting at the Symbian Exchange & Exposition earlier this week. Having attended in previous years, how did this show compare and what was making the headlines (apart from our Symbian Virtual Developer Lab announcement)?

Rather than live vicariously through my team, please find below my very first guest post:

When first walking into the show you cannot help but imagine you have entered a Dr. Seuss book, with cartoon pop-ups located around various meeting points at the show. However once you had moved past the cows with jet packs, the Loch Ness monster and a toaster with a light bulb shooting out of it, you quickly realised you were instead in the world of Symbian.

Loch Ness Monster

Regardless of the more business-like nature of the show, there was still that familiar feeling of excitement which slowly developed (excuse the pun) throughout the day. Attendees quickly found the free massage service, coffee bars and fully water submersible handset demos that were available and spirits were at a high at the evening event held in the Science Museum.

So, what was this world like? The world of Symbian was notably smaller than previous years, with fewer exhibitors and smaller “big brand” stands being evident from the moment you walked through the door. Other companies had selected to not have an open stand, for example Accenture, but instead boasted dedicated meeting rooms in which to conduct their business.

Symbian had also chosen to step-up education at the show, with more keynotes and seminars taking place than any other year. A significant main stage was complimented by a series of “topic rooms” where particular issues of interest to the community were discussed, for example Open Source Business Models and Handset Creation.

Although the above observations are a sign of the current economic climate, I also think this was evidence of the changing demands from attendees. People want to know how to make money out of the content and services they are developing. Symbian want to educate them on how they can work with developers to achieve this.

If I could summarise the show in one picture this would be it.

Symbian Ideas Wall

The Symbian ideas board was busy throughout the day with people making suggestions on how Symbian could be improved.

Thanks for taking the time to write the post guys and some interesting observations about how the show has changed since I last attended. So what did you think of the show? Also, check out some more behind-the-scenes pictures on our Flikr channel.




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