Amazon Kindle: There’s Already an App for That

12 11 2009

Over the past couple of years we have seen a shift in the way people use their mobile handsets. Originally used to make simple voice calls, the mobile handset has not only changed the way we interactive with each other but also how we purchase and consume a range of services and content.

It was therefore of interest that analytics firm, Flurry, published a report last week that showed over the past four months the number of book “applications” being downloaded onto the iPhone has exceeded that of games – with one out of five new apps launching in October being a book.

With the increasing focus on supporting mobile developers to bring new content and services to market easier and faster than ever before, 2010 is likely to see the way people use their handsets continue to evolve.

Twitter PeekSo, what chance to dedicated devices that offer just a single function hold? Over the past few weeks we have seen the global launch of the Amazon Kindle and more recently the launch of a dedicated Twitter device called Twitter Peek, both claiming to make it easier to perform a single function. But both of these “functions” were already available to Smartphone users and carried a minimal, if any, expense. It could also be argued they performed these functions better, with the Amazon Kindle offering a black and white screen, and the Twitter Peek not supporting multiple user accounts.

With the increasing sophistication of Smartphones, bigger screens, increased connectivity and lowering costs, is there a market for single function devices?





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23 02 2013
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