Mobile Enterprise Applications: A Huge Market Opportunity

3 06 2010

The recent acquisition of Sybase by SAP, and the subsequent release of the new Mobility Platform, has resulted in a heated discussion around the challenges and opportunities for companies looking to extend the availability of enterprise applications onto the mobile platform.

Reaching out to the mobile platform is a necessity brought by the quickly changing demands of enterprise mobility and has the potential to change the way we do business for the better; however it also faces an array of unique challenges.

The complexity of fragmentation is a constant challenge in the development of consumer mobile applications, however this somewhat pales in comparison when mobilising enterprise software. Adapting solutions to work across a pool of devices, operating systems and even firmware versions can represent a major challenge when looking to provide even the most basic service to your workforce, especially when required to work with your own organisations back-office systems and secure networks.

Boxtone, a Mobile Management Software company focused on the enterprise space, has written a guide on “managing the diversity network” citing three models possible solutions. As with most things mobile there is no one size fits all, with each company required to assess their own requirements and available resources to ensure the appropriate ROI.

What is evident is that mobile operating systems and software providers are looking to the enterprise market as a huge opportunity and we are likely to see several mobile software providers look to get on the ground level.




5 responses

19 07 2010
Ron Fredericks

I too look forward to the increase in business enterprise apps around Sybase’s iAnyWhere platform. The coincidence in naming convention with Mobile Complete’s DeviceAnywhere is very exciting.

Best regards,

Ron Fredericks
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2 08 2010
Mandar Thosar

Is there any native Blackberry CRM software?

24 08 2010
Mobile app developer

Thanks for an informative article on enterprise mobile solutions.

14 08 2012
Enterprise Mobility

Thanks for giving such a nice idea about enterprise mobile platform…

Really awesome !!!

29 08 2012

Many Many Thanks such a nice informative information about nterprise mobile solutions

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