25 10 2010

Apple has shipped 7.5 million iPads since it launched in April, turning it into the largest player in the tablet computer market, and according to Tim Cook enterprise sales played an important role.

During the recent quarterly conference call to discuss earnings, Tim went on to state that about two-thirds of the 100 largest companies in the world on the Fortune 100 list have begun deploying iPads for enterprise use, nearly 85 percent of which have also deployed the iPhone as well. A recent announcement from Good Technology adds further fuel to the discussion, with iOS devices representing more than 50 percent of new activations and Android around 30 percent.

From our perspective we have seen a steep incline in the number of our customers developing business applications with mobile in mind from the start. This is unsurprising, especially when you consider how smart devices have been causing havoc for business computing hardware, GPS devices and nearly every other technical device the smartphone can imitate or move to mobility for some time.

This momentum is also likely to continue, both in terms of the number of applications being created and the speed at which they are developed, especially as app and web app developers realize the major advantage of enterprise development – companies will actually pay them to write good applications.




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