Mobile enterprise: Are businesses prepared to take advantage of this opportunity?

27 04 2011

A new research forecasts that the enterprise mobility market will reach $1.6 billion in 2014 with enterprises tapping into the mobile platform to extend business services and internal applications, and improve productivity.

However, in spite of the growth prospects, businesses are facing challenges around platform integration and mobile fragmentation which hinder the quick adoption of effective mobile enterprise strategies. These challenges bring forward the pressing need of skilled mobile application developers and innovative solutions that can cater to the needs of the mobile enterprise market.

The increased demand for mobile engineers, which affects large companies and fast-growing start-ups alike, is emerging as a key bottleneck as companies struggle to capitalize on the fast growth of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Early this year Google announced its plans to hire top mobile application development talent while recruiters reported a record demand for mobile engineers with vacancies for Android developers rocketing by 424% in the space of a year.  As enterprises are increasingly looking to take advantage of enterprise mobility, it becomes clear that most of the companies are not prepared to deal with the challenges on their own.

Mobile computing is fundamentally different from traditional enterprise computing models and enterprises need to adopt solutions and business strategies which are specifically tailored to the mobile platform.




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29 06 2011
Enterprise Mobile Applications

It’s an interesting point, but the industry will adapt over time. As with any industry that grows rapidly, there will be a point where experts are in incredibly high demand and low supply. Over time, the supply will rise. Just my thoughts. -c

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