The Rise in Demand for Enterprise Mobility (and IT is Listening)

12 03 2012

It is estimated that by 2017, the global enterprise mobility market will be nearly $174 billion, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts. New, more powerful mobile devices – namely tablets and smartphones – and mobile business apps on them are, and will continue to, help drive this trend.

According to Gartner’s January 2011 worldwide IT spending forecast, global IT spending in enterprise software and apps has grown to $253 billion in Q4 2010 from $228 billion in Q4 2008, with a low point of $224 billion in Q4 2009. This represents a 7.5% growth over the 4-year stretch.

This growth is significant for a number of reasons.  For one, the business cycle is essentially 24/7 and as such, it is important that remote and field employees have access to corporate data and intranets on a real-time basis.

Second, business transactions can be handled on the spot, and eliminate much of the processing once required.

Third, more spending in IT, like such areas as enterprise software and mobile business apps, means companies realize they need to do a more thorough job of incorporating existing or new enterprise mobility infrastructure in their daily routines.

In short, advancements in, and larger budgets for, enterprise mobility lead to increased efficiency and improved performance. There is a reason the acronym BYOD (bring your own device) was coined in 2011.  Its underlying factors all lie in the numbers behind IT spending growth.

But the question still remains – now that companies have new mobile apps and mobility policies and infrastructures in place, how do CIOs and IT managers make sure their systems are uniform across multiple devices and platforms?

Along with the rise of enterprise mobility, companies are going to need ways to ensure their mobility growth efforts are efficient and effective.  This is where mobile testing comes in to play.  The demand for real-time mobile app and OS quality assurance is going to rise along with the BYOD and enterprise mobility trends.

We will see IT spending continue to rise and larger budgets dedicated to mobility initiatives as enterprise organizations realize they have to acknowledge and manage the rise in demand for enterprise mobility. As such, the demand for cross-platform testing of mobile software and apps will rise along with it to overcome the fragmented reality of today’s mobile ecosystem.  2012 will continue to be the year of BYOD and along with it, BYOA (bring your own apps), and we look forward to it.




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16 03 2012
Stephen Marcum

This is a very informative article for us in mobile marketing. As this market continues to grow, advertisers can seize new opportunities and reach targeted audiences with much ease.

10 04 2012

Thank you for sharing this post. Very nice post. More and more mobile apps in market more is the need of mobile testing services. Keep posting such informative notes.

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