Mobile developers ‘fess to test mess

3 10 2012

ImageHere’s a great post by Beverly Head of ITWire – Australia might have emerged at the top of the global pile when it comes to mobile application testing – but it’s faint praise, because still only two out of five local organizations perform any testing on their mobile applications before unleashing them on unwary consumers or employees.

Internationally the situation is even worse – just 31 percent of organizations test their mobile apps prior to release according to the fourth World Quality Report released on Sept 12th by Capgemini, Sogeti and HP.  Even where testing of mobile software does occur it’s focused on performance rather than functionality or security.

Indeed respondents acknowledged that security testing was only a priority for 18 percent of organizations.

Software quality control is the clear victim of organisations’ race to get mobile apps out the door. While the report noted that Mobile has changed the game for enterprise IT,” it is clear that the maturity now routinely applied to testing of other enterprise applications is missing in mobile development. Read More




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9 10 2012
Mobile App Testing

ITWire and WhaTech is the Best Australian Websites i would like to get Information about Mobile App Testing and Cloud Computing.

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