HTML5 App Development Taking Hold

23 10 2012

HTML5 app development has been around for a couple years now and many have questioned if this type of development will be the one-size-fits-all answer to mobile app development. That is definitely far from the truth. We are seeing many of our customers utilizing a “yes and” approach whereby they may start their app development with a native app and then add a hybrid version or web-based version to support different types of platforms (i.e. Android, etc.).

That being said, the adoption of HTML5 based apps and websites has seen a convergence from such companies as Google, Rovio, and Pandora.  Richard Firth of MIP Holdings says “The trend has been fuelled by Apple, Google and Microsoft – rivals that more often disagree about technology choices – by building HTML5 support into their latest Web browsers. So have the Mozilla Foundation, maker of Firefox, and Opera Software. According to, a blog that tracks Web technologies, 34% of the 100 most popular Web sites used HTML5 in the quarter ended in September.”

“Every company that makes a browser supports HTML5 capabilities, and as it becomes more ubiquitous, HTML5 functionality will be key to the delivery of a superior user experience in applications and Web sites. With so many great features to look forward to, HTML5 has sweeping implications for the developer community,” Firth concludes. To read more click here.




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