Automated Mobile Testing may be the answer

8 11 2012

A recent Forbes article looked at how the global growth of mobile is creating a demand for jobs overseas.  Much of the world is embracing the capabilities of mobile devices and the innovation that they inspire.   Entrepreneurship is alive and well outside Silicon Valley and smartphones are empowering the people of each country differently, based on the unique challenges they face.  It’s incredible to see that in a few short years that apps are now responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States alone.  However one reason for jobs migrating abroad is said to be the time needed to test mobile apps domestically.

“Too much time spent on testing apps has become a problem for some within the U.S. mobile market”

Testing abroad is not an issue.  If that’s where your mobile app testing talent resides – great!  With the rapid growth of mobile it’s easy to see why the best talent may be found elsewhere. As the #1 mobile testing company delivering a cloud-based solution we enable geographically disperse teams to remotely interact with real mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

What’s a concern is that companies may be spending too much time on mobile app testing without knowing that time-saving mobile testing solutions exist that can greatly reduce the amount of effort needed to execute a set of test cases.  Before packing up shop and moving overseas, consider a relatively small investment in mobile test automation.




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