Mobile testing and the Apple app store holiday rush

9 11 2012


For any iOS app developer looking to get their app into the Apple app store for the holidays—time is of the essence.  It’s been recently reported that it’s taking up to three weeks to get an app approved by Apple.  Consequently, if you want your app available before New Year’s you have about two weeks to submit it.

What’s more, Apple will not be processing requests from December 21 through December 28, so anyone looking to have an app available by Christmas needs to have it available for download on December 20.

As developers rush to get their apps ready to meet the deadline, they can’t overlook the need to thoroughly test the to be sure all’s well when it’s time to submit.  The last thing you want is to be rejected after rushing to get to market.  Waiting in a long line once is painful enough.Image

This year testing on a single iOS device, perhaps the one in your pocket isn’t sufficient. The iPhone 5 introduces a new screensize that needs to be tested and the new iOS6 now supports new features.  To have a successful app, older iPhones and iPads need to work as well.

Many developers are buying, begging, and borrowing devices for continual testing during the development phase.  The good news for these developers is that there are mobile testing best practices that can help them test their mobile apps and in many cases, speed up time-to-market.  Adopting a cloud-based remote testing solution early in the development process, one with multiple iOS smartphones and tablets controlled from the desktop, can help developers quickly test changes as they’re made.  Developers can upload app from their desktops to these devices and ensure they’re performing as expected.  What’s more, they can simultaneously test multiple devices and leverage time-saving utilities.  If you are an iOS app developer and you need some help in getting your app to the Apple app store in time, try Test Center Developer for free for three hours and see how you can save time without compromising quality.




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