2013 Mobile Prediction – Continued Rise of the Freemium Model

4 01 2013

121210221015freemiumThere will be a shift in business strategy to target end-users versus corporate decision-makers for new services. Bypassing traditional decision-makers to influence a company’s buying habits is a relatively new model but it works due to the recent consumerization of IT trend where employees adopt their own technologies for business use. Ultimately, the “freemium” model for business services will rise to prominence in 2013. It’s impossible for companies to try out all the new technologies and services being made available on the market today. Service providers will begin to aggressively adopt the freemium business model – a strategy where they offer free, pared down varieties of their services in order to have end-users test out the service before they decide to pay for a more comprehensive, premium version. Vendors such as Pandora, Evernote and Dropbox has adopted this model and it has worked out very well for them. Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, said the freemium practice is “older than software itself” and is a great way to “clinch contracts” by providing a free version of services before users commit to the premium version. So, is freemium coming to Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere platform? ……




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