Has QA Been Caught Off Guard by Mobility?

17 01 2013


QA managers and teams continue to struggle with how to handle the proliferation of mobility around the world in both consumers lives as well as behind enterprise corporate firewalls. This permeation has caused an unexpected demand for quality talent and experienced and skilled labor able to handle the onslaught.

As the recent  2012 -13 World Quality Report (WQR)  states “as mobile adoption has become almost ubiquitous in developed markets, the business imperative for mobile business is clear.” According to their study, it indicates that “speed of adoption and proliferation of handheld devices, coupled with the use of social media, seem to have caught enterprise testing by surprise. Organizations may not be giving mobile the priority it warrants. Only 31% of respondents across the world currently test mobile applications – a figure that does not deviate much from region to region, and those surveyed readily admit to being ill equipped for mobile testing. This suggests that QA has fallen behind the mainstream mobile curve.

Reasons given are multiple: many report that they don’t have the ability to test or effectively certify mobile applications because of lack of appropriate tools, processes, or expertise, and limited access to the necessary devices. Moreover, the focus is firmly on efficiency of performance, cited by 64% of firms, rather than functionality, usability, or security. Overall, this argues for an underestimation of the infrastructure challenges posed by the mobile era, or an inability to address them.

As today’s mobile users – customers and employees – expect interaction at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere, making a business mobile and “always on” should be higher up on the corporate and IT agenda.”




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