Creating a custom device list view

21 01 2013

Test Center Developer supports hundreds of devices, at times making it challenging to choose and check out the models you need for your test cases. If there’s a set of devices that you typically like to test on, or if you have a specific target device list for a particular project, creating a custom device list view can be a real time-saver.

Test Center helps you create a custom view of chosen devices by using the Group Devices by Project feature. Here’s how:

1. Click on the Test Case Editor tab under the Test Case Manager on the sidebar of DeviceAnywhere Studio (if you have minimized the sidebar, look for the wrench icon).

Test Case Editor 012113












2.  Click the New Project link at the bottom of your screen.

New project button 012113











3.  Name your new project, and select Create Project. This may take a few seconds.

My Devices 012113











4. Once the project has been created, you will be prompted to add devices. Select all of the devices that you would like visible in your custom device view.

Choosing devices 012113








5.  Now go back to the Test Center view. At the top of the device pane, select Group devices by: Projects. Your project will appear in the drop-down list and when selected, only the devices added to the project will be visible in the device pane.  Acquire a device from your list and begin testing.

Selecting my group 012113

Custom Group 012113










You can create as many custom device views as you like following these same steps.




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