Confidence in QA Resources a Continued Concern

22 01 2013


As I mentioned in a previous post, your QA team is a vital part of your development efforts. And can make/break your app’s quality. It was vital for web-based apps and is even more critical for mobile-based assets because of the vast complexity when it comes to deploying, testing, and monitoring their success.

According to the recent 2012 -13 World Quality Report (WQR) “While budgets might be in reasonable shape, confidence in testing resources is not resounding. A majority of organizations characterize their internal teams as “average” at best, in their knowledge of core testing processes and methodologies, and not necessarily up to speed with the latest testing tools and technologies. Their assessment of external testers is slightly better, with a third of organizations scoring their external testers’ knowledge and abilities as “above average”. But less than 5% of firms are fully confident that their testers (internal or external) are “best in class”. Despite initiatives and investment, especially over the last decade or so, there are clearly lessons to be learned in terms of either real or perceived quality of output for both providers and users of QA.

Simply put, as the competitive landscape forces organizations to update and optimize their testing resources and drive down costs and time-to-market, the overall quality of testing resources needs to keep pace or change, to satisfy or exceed the perceived and increasingly complex requirements of organizations in the future.”




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