The Emergence of a More Global and Uniform Industry for Mobile QA

27 01 2013


Companies around the world are facing the same issues when it comes to deploying their assets to the mobile platform. And one of the most prevalent issues is that of testing. As there are many types of testing, from functional (including BAT and UAT) to performance. Unlike a pc-based app, mobile apps and websites require a unique approach to meeting the requirements and demands of management and make their app a success in the market with adoption and a consistent new revenue stream.

According to the recent 2012 -13 World Quality Report (WQR) in their previous surveys they have “focused attention on the difference between the major countries or regions surveyed. This year they noticed that while variances still exist, there is a greater harmonization, with fewer major differences evidenced across the globe, at least within the enterprise markets. One example is that the proportion of an organization’s software development lifecycle budget that is investing in testing (including mobile) averaged across the regions, is 18%, with remarkable few regional variations.

Our perspective is that testing is becoming less of a regionally facing discipline and that, led by globally active companies, the gap between emerging markets and more traditionally mature markets is narrowing. This is no doubt a reflection of the rapid investment in skilled resources and tools, let by India, that has taken place offshore and nearshore countries – China, South East Asia, South America, and more recently, Eastern Europe, Central America, and parts of Africa. All point to testing emerging as a more uniform global discipline.”




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