iPhone 5 Now Available for Testing on DeviceAnywhere!

30 01 2013

iphone5We are proud to announce the support of the iPhone 5 (with iOS 6.0) on all of our product lines including Test Center Developer, as well as for our enterprise customers. It is also included in our new free offering – DeviceAnywhere Free!

Our iPhone 5 devices are full-hardware integrated devices and are NOT jailbroken – giving you the exact, pixel-for-pixel experience as if you had the device in your hand!

So, don’t delay…. for free mobile website testing get started now! For free mobile app testing with upload ability, go here to request a free, no-obligation, 3 hour trial!




3 responses

22 02 2013

Do you also support the iPad4 & iPad mini?

27 02 2013
DeviceAnywhere Platform

Greetings Benjamin – Yes, we just added the iPad mini to our library with the iPad 4 on the way… thanks!

1 03 2013

Ok, great! Thanks for your anwser 🙂

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