Zillow Leverages Existing Web Development Team to Develop for Mobile and Succeeds!

26 03 2013

zillow-mobileTime and training of your resources for mobile has become a tremendous problem for companies going mobile. While many testers are adept at QA, they may not be experts in mobile. Because of device fragmentation the demand for output becomes increasingly challenging for teams that do not have the bandwidth to increase their existing resources. Now, a person managing web development takes on multiple roles (to include mobile) and has less time.

With these hurdles, it creates even greater demand to have the proper testing tools and methods in place. While the number of device types and OS fragmentation makes it cumbersome and expensive for organizations to acquire and test mobile apps, there are efficient automated and real device testing tools that make this transition cost-efficient for testers and their teams. Organizations are beginning to adopt testing-as-a-service (TaaS) as a way to bolster the capabilities of QA and IT departments with testing. For these organizations, finding the right TaaS will help reduce cost and errors.

Recently, while at the Mobile Enterprise conference in San Francisco, I learned about how Zillow was able to train their existing web-based development team on how to code for the mobile environment, as opposed to hiring new mobile developers, thus reducing overlap and ramp-up time. Zillow was able to overcome the challenges and as a result, through precision-like ad placement, meet the needs of its consumers and connect them to the right person at the right time. This strategy has made it a win-win for both consumers and realtors alike.

Spencer Rascoff, chief executive officer of Zillow Inc., talks about the company’s mobile technology and real estate search services. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” http://http://bloom.bg/NK4maL

Companies such as Zillow who have been able to monetize on mobile are seeing the value and importance of testing as part of their mobile development process.




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1 11 2013

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