mRetailers: Gear up for the upcoming holiday shopping season, now!

16 11 2012

This holiday shopping season, retailers offering mobile apps have made a smart move. While nearly 86 million US consumers are already using smartphones to shop, this holiday season is set to see even higher numbers from mCommerce. From special QR codes to price matching via smartphones, retailers will rely on the latest technologies to deliver discounts right into the hands of shoppers. And while smartphones has been the only device most consumers carried in the past, they’re now armed with tablets that can provide an even more engaging shopping experience. As retailers offer apps that mimic flipping through physical mail-order catalogs and one-click purchasing options through merchants like PayPal and Google, the tablet is set to be the ultimate experience in holiday shopping this season.

Eighty-two percent of tech-savvy mobile application users say there are major benefits to shopping on smartphones and tablets, according to new data issued by app technology provider Apigee. Bargain hunting reigns supreme: Half of respondents cite browsing for deals wherever they are among m-commerce’s biggest advantages, 48 percent name in-store pricing comparison opportunities, 38 percent point to opportunities to redeem digital coupons, and 27 percent cite the potential to earn in-app loyalty points.

Mobile coupons and discount codes will continue to play a role in consumerism, especially around this time, when the cost of gifting can add up. Many retailers are planning to increase the number of deals, especially those through mobile coupons. And while consumers are expected to take their time to find the best possible price for the holiday wish list items, most savvy holiday shoppers will consult their smartphones for price-comparisons and the latest deals, wherever they may be.

So, as a retailer who has extended its brand to the mobile channel, is your app or mobile website ready to handle the increase in traffic this holiday season? Keep in mind that one bug, glitch, crash or performance issue can immediately drive customers to shop at competing outlets. For mobile retailers, I suggest gearing up your mobile apps and websites for the upcoming holiday season NOW before it’s too late!


Mobile Retailers – Are Your Mobile Apps and Websites Ready for the Holidays?

9 10 2012

Forrester estimates mobile retail and travel spending increased 80% in 2011. Deloitte forecasts that retail store sales that are influenced by mobile interactions will account for $36 billion, or 5.1% of 2012 holiday sales. Mobile retail is the fastest-growing form of mobile commerce; expected to be , leading to $25 billion in sales by 2017 These are just a few of the signs that retailers are looking to take advantage of the explosion of consumer app purchases and engaging in-store experiences such as coupons, layaway, and targeted, location-based buying leveraging push notifications and more. IBM predicts mobile will be responsible for 20% of retail site visits during the 2012 holiday season. It’s not too late. Companies can still implement a mobile testing and monitoring solution in time for the 2012 holiday shopping season. This year’s holiday season will see an unprecedented amount of sales and traffic driven by mobile channels and companies with strong mobile solutions in place will stand to see a strong return on their test and monitoring investment. Click here to read more.