Best Trends and Tools in Mobile Testing

28 02 2013

Mobile-TestingMobile website development is becoming more critical for businesses as the demand for smartphones and tablets grows and becomes more commonplace. The 2012 -13 World Quality Report (WQR) reveals that a majority of developers and QA professionals are skimping on important steps in the mobile testing process in order to rush their mobile apps and websites to market to meet truncated deadlines. Many development teams are feeling the pain that occurs with the demand of high output and quick product deadlines. However, they may not have the right tools for effective mobile testing and QA, if at all.

Many businesses are expanding their mobile development without adding headcount; therefore it is important to the bottom line that they increase workflow efficiency and productivity. The adoption of mobile brings on new challenges for development and QA teams. According the WQR, when QA testers and developers from a variety of industry sectors were asked if mobile app testing is a regular process in their development stage, answers for yes ranged between the 20-30th percentile. It is clear that there is a lack in regular testing in the development stage .For mobile initiatives to be successful, teams must be armed with the right tools and methods to properly test and troubleshoot mobile apps and websites.

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Humana Leads the Way in Testing HTML5 Web Apps ensuring the Highest Quality of Apps on the Marketing

9 10 2012

Keynote Systems announced today that Humana is using Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere platform for native and web testing of their mobile apps and websites. Humana required a solution for testing mobile apps and websites, to ensure their patients’ continued, reliable access to healthcare information.  Humana wanted a testing environment that would enable them to test HTML5, hybrid and web apps and websites, and provide them with real-time results and measurement statistics.  Humana, with a customer base of over 11 million in the US, almost $40M in revenue and over 40,000 employees, has been at the forefront of ensuring that its customers have access to the information they need across every mobile platform. Click here to read more.