WEBINAR: An Integrated Testing Strategy for Your 5-Star Mobile Apps (Learn How to Extend your Existing IBM RQM Environment to Mobile)

12 02 2013

IBM-RQM1 IBM-RQM2We invite you to join us for this exciting webinar focused on mobile app and website testing, all from within the IBM Rational Quality Manager platform!

Titled: An Integrated Testing Strategy for Your 5-Star Mobile Apps

Broadcast Date and Time: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at 2 p.m. ET
Presenters: Leigh Williamson, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Rational Quality Software CTO Team & Rachel Obstler, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Keynote DeviceAnywhere
What if you could effectively manage the cost and complexity of your mobile application testing without compromising the quality of the result? An effective mobile application testing strategy that uses real devices while leveraging your existing test environment and testing methods—including manual testing, automated testing, and continuous monitoring—can help deliver better results.IBM’s mobile app testing strategy works by combining multiple testing techniques and utilizing specialized techniques and services from IBM partners, such as Keynote. Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere platform enables mobile app and website testing on real devices, helping to improve quality of your mobile applications while accelerating your test process and making it cost-effective.

During this event, Leigh Williamson from IBM and Rachel Obstler from Keynote will help you learn:

    • How to simplify your mobile testing with test automation, while leveraging your existing environment
    • How to enable improved control over your testing processes with advanced, state-of-the-art features
    • How to utilize IBM’s Rational Quality Manager and DeviceAnywhere together to easily test on real devices with real results



ALM Systems Extend Mobile Reach With DeviceAnywhere

6 06 2011

The rise of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for business use has been a point of tension for some organizations in the past, especially within professions where “desk presence” was traditionally used to measure productivity. However, according to the latest Mobile Workforce Report by Visage Mobile, this viewpoint could be outdated, as employees are now thinking about work even during their personal downtime more than ever, thanks in large part to their smartphones.

Mobile is no longer a nice-to-have but a strategic asset that can be tied back to business objectives  and ultimately impact the bottom line. As a result, companies are now looking to roll out these technologies on an unprecedented scale and quality control is at the top of the IT department’s agenda.

As a result, DeviceAnywhere is proud to announce its latest extension for Rational Quality Manager 3.0.1 at IBM Innovate 2011 in Orlando, Florida. The deep integration of DeviceAnywhere’s Test Automation for Smart Devices™ and IBM Rational Quality Manager 3.0.1 provides a holistic approach for mobile enterprise app test management and execution.

The Test Automation for Smart Devices integration to Rational Quality Manger enables users to:

  • Test native and web apps on any device. Whether developing an internal or external facing app, businesses need to ensure compliance, performance and functionality before mass-rollout. Using the combination of Rational Quality Manager 3.0.1 and Test Automation for Smart Devices, users are able to create, implement and schedule automated tests on any mobile device or tablet. With rigorous automation, errors can be detected early, saving significant costs associated with bug fixes and performance issues that may be otherwise detected by end-users. Leveraging DeviceAnywhere’s patented technology, there are no limitations. All complex device features, such as accelerometer, swiping and pinching are supported.
  • Leaner, simplified, yet powerful, testing processes. Manual testing is a resource intensive activity. Test automation provides a much leaner way to ensure software quality while saving costs associated with redundant testing; freeing up valuable resources to focus on product innovation. Users of DeviceAnywhere Test Automation for Smart Devices have been shown to reduce testing time on average by 70-80%* compared to manual processes. Using the integration with Rational Quality Manager, users are able to achieve further time savings by creating structured scripts into high-level, device-independent test cases and low-level test steps (actions) that are implemented across chosen devices.
  • End-to-end management. Whether it is a standalone mobile project or a mobile product developed alongside existing assets, effective tracking is essential for any IT project. With Test Automation for Smart Devices, for each test case executed, all testing steps and proofs (screenshots, videos) are passed back to Rational Quality Manager for tracking and reporting to ensure projects are on track. Any issues can then be quickly identified, whether in the back office or on actual devices, and quickly assigned and tracked using a single management console. This improves bug resolution, time to market and ultimately return on investment.

The integration to Rational Quality Manager also enables DeviceAnywhere customers to transform their mobile application software delivery through use of IBM Rational’s Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution to enable active collaboration and end-to-end traceability.

If the latest market report from Gartner is any indication, the pervasiveness of smartphones and the commonality of always being connected will only increase. According to the research firm, a total of 427.8 million mobile communication devices were shipped during the first quarter of 2011, 24 percent of which were smartphones. IBM and DeviceAnywhere are subsequently working together to help developers, QA managers, engineers and business analysts take control of the mobile opportunity and bring quality mobile applications to market faster than ever before.

To learn more about this integration and our presence at Innovate 2011, please check out the full press release here.